Week Two HW: Article 1;Generation LGBTQIA

  • Five W’s & How
    • Who:
      • Anyone who isn’t straight
      • Post gay  gender activists
      • Gay community
    • What:
      • LGBTQIA rights movement
      • Gender identity and the different ways of defining ones gender
    • Where:
      • Colleges around the U.S.
      • South East of the U.S.
    • When:
      • The year 2015
      • Generation of the 90’s kids
    • Why:
      • To address the labeling of gays and their activist
      • They speak to actual college students to get their opinion on how they feel about themselves and generally how the people of that community may feel about who they are and what they define their selves as.
    • How:
      • Classes
      •  Dorms
      • Groups
      • Conventions
      • Centers are made in support of the LGBTQIA community and educate even more on what they stand for throughout their gatherings and  open mikes
  • Headline
    • Generation LGBTQIA
  • Lede
    • Stephen Ira’s video last March that was uploaded on “We Happy Trans” that shares “positive perspectives” on being a transgender.
  • Related To
    • This article relates closest to conflict because of the fight to broaden the variety of categories that people would like to be referred to be put in and what they are fighting against.
  • Link To Article

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