My Time At MyMedia

Being in MyMedia has  taught me how to be the good journalist that I never was and probably still aren’t. But I do know what a good journalist interview/video looks like. It taught me what different shots were. What different angle were. And why there were even different shots and angles. Besides the fact that film would be boring without them. MyMedia taught me how to look at a news report and pick it apart self consciously even if i didn’t want to. And I thank Ms. Jasmine for that.

MyMedia has a final project that had me scrambling to understand how to do the assignment in my own way. Meaning It forced me to draw creativity out of myself. That in all honesty was a good learning experience for me. It felt like I was in school out of school. Except I was given the materials and told to… do me. Which personally was a challenge for me specifically because I’m not the brightest bulb in the box of Christmas lights, but I do feel like some of my talent came out of it. And I thank you, Mymedia.


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