My Time At MyMedia

Being in MyMedia has  taught me how to be the good journalist that I never was and probably still aren’t. But I do know what a good journalist interview/video looks like. It taught me what different shots were. What different angle were. And why there were even different shots and angles. Besides the fact that film would be boring without them. MyMedia taught me how to look at a news report and pick it apart self consciously even if i didn’t want to. And I thank Ms. Jasmine for that.

MyMedia has a final project that had me scrambling to understand how to do the assignment in my own way. Meaning It forced me to draw creativity out of myself. That in all honesty was a good learning experience for me. It felt like I was in school out of school. Except I was given the materials and told to… do me. Which personally was a challenge for me specifically because I’m not the brightest bulb in the box of Christmas lights, but I do feel like some of my talent came out of it. And I thank you, Mymedia.


Week Three HW: Article 3

This is more of an interview but it suggest the same concept of. He’s explaining the artists point of view when it comes to their involvement in technology. He focused more of the income of a band. He says they put out music for. The advance in technology enhanced the way they get their income. He does end up saying that its been increased but artists still have the same goal.



Week Three HW: Article 2

This articled was written in first person so it centered around what the average person “you” does. It talks about the progression of  the way you listen to music or find new music. The time goes back to about 1999 when technology first starts getting involved with music and how it intertwines. The article then speaks about the habits that people have when they are looking for that new song that everyone is saying is the best or when people are trying to find their favorite song. It then escalates into the fact that the music industry is using the advances in technology it increase sales and turn a song that sold at high price as a CD, wouldn’t sell as good as the same the same song that can be downloaded  directly onto a device.


Article 2

Week Three HW: Article 1

This article based around what people now play music on. It also talked about where they were go to get tickets to a concert if they go. Although it does touch upon the battle between music and technology and. They gave an example of where people would stream their music; sites such as Napster and. But then the music lovers started to embrace the technology instead o fight it. Then it closes out with the demand for music and how easy the technology makes the process to access it



Week Two HW: Technology Advancement in Music

  • Five W’s & How
    • Who: Anyone pursuing music either as a composer, a performer, or a listener.
    • What:
      • The running and producing of electronic instruments
      • Electronic interfaces
    • When:
      • Between the past 25 years and the present
    • Where:
      • No Defined area
      • America
      • MIT Media Lab
    • Why:
      • To grow technology
      • Advance the pace of the technology used to made music
    • How:
  • Headline: Technology And The Future Of Music
  • Lede: Anyone pursuing music either as a composer, a performer, or a listener.
  • Related: The article is most related to prominence because its something closet to what people want to know about because music heavily influence how people think and feel
  • Link:


















Week Two HW: Article 1;Generation LGBTQIA

  • Five W’s & How
    • Who:
      • Anyone who isn’t straight
      • Post gay  gender activists
      • Gay community
    • What:
      • LGBTQIA rights movement
      • Gender identity and the different ways of defining ones gender
    • Where:
      • Colleges around the U.S.
      • South East of the U.S.
    • When:
      • The year 2015
      • Generation of the 90’s kids
    • Why:
      • To address the labeling of gays and their activist
      • They speak to actual college students to get their opinion on how they feel about themselves and generally how the people of that community may feel about who they are and what they define their selves as.
    • How:
      • Classes
      •  Dorms
      • Groups
      • Conventions
      • Centers are made in support of the LGBTQIA community and educate even more on what they stand for throughout their gatherings and  open mikes
  • Headline
    • Generation LGBTQIA
  • Lede
    • Stephen Ira’s video last March that was uploaded on “We Happy Trans” that shares “positive perspectives” on being a transgender.
  • Related To
    • This article relates closest to conflict because of the fight to broaden the variety of categories that people would like to be referred to be put in and what they are fighting against.
  • Link To Article

My Community

I personally define my community, Shaker Heights, as a well organized together community that is well connected. It is not a very large community community but it consist of an almost even amount of teens, young adults, adults and elders. I feel like my community doesn’t deal with many issues except robbery and some well hidden drug issues. I honestly think that my community should address the drug issues within the teens that the adults and the elders do not like to share with the rest of the state when Shaker Heights is described. I think that that is because the adults pride their self’s on living in a high end community that doesn’t have to deal with the problems that the rest of the world has.